Scott Gordon Enterprises, Inc.

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Employee List

These are the extremely talented individuals who make up the permanent staff of Scott Gordon Enterprises, Inc.

They are all available to work or consult on your project.

Scott Gordon

 Actor, Entertainer, Comedian, Voice Actor, Writer, Musician, Performing Psychic (one of the five Founders of the Psychic Entertainers Association -- an international association of Psychic, Mentalists, Hypnotists and Mystery Entertainers) and the driving force behind Scott Gordon Enterprises, Inc

“Uncle” Floyd Vivino

The legendary “Uncle Floyd” — much more than a client, he is the raison d'être of Scott Gordon Enterprises, Inc.  If it wasn't for Scott and Floyd's penchant for Italian Restaurants, they would have never had the idea to put their love of spaghetti together with the massive collection of Italian-American records in his inherited collection. Now, Floyd and Scott attack the airwaves with Garage Sale Music.

Dian Buehlmeier

Dian is the organizational brains behind the corporation.  Dian is an accomplished dancer. Dian studies and is part of the staff of Just Off Broadway Performing Arts Academy in Hillsdale, New Jersey. She is, also, a Performing Psychic (another of the five founders of the Psychic Entertainers Association) and H. S.'s life partner..

H S Buehlmeier

Scott's boyhood friend ("We are closer than anyone would believe of those who are not brothers" - Scott) and the technical expertise that makes the whole thing run.  With the scientific and analytical background he got from attending Newark College of Engineering (now, New Jersey Institute of Technology),  he single-handedly built the entire facility in less than two months!

H. S. is chief staff engineer and president of the corporation.  He has studied under the legendary Les Paul (at 13 years old, H. S. lived within walking distance of Les' studio.  He would knock on the door and say, "Mr. you need the floor swept or anything?  I'd be glad to help out.").  H.S. has also served as part of the nominating committee for the TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Awards.